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E2A is an independent evaluation firm possessing significant experience in evaluating college and university academic programs, as well as federal, state, and foundation grant programs. We pride ourselves in starting strong and finishing strong to give our clients the very best in services that allow them to implement with quality and fidelity their academic programs and proposed projects and achieve the significant impact desired by them, their accreditors, and their funding organizations.

Higher Education Accreditation Support & Continuous Improvement

E2A assists higher education academic programs in the data collection, management, and analysis processes that support a robust quality assurance system. We work particularly with professional teacher preparation programs to help these programs meet the ever-increasing rigorous data analysis demands for accreditation decisions and helping to ensure a process for continuous improvement.

Project/Program Evaluation & Performance Monitoring

E2A assists federal, state, local and nonprofit organizations with evaluation of grant-funded projects and programs. We provide services that help these organizations implement their projects and programs with fidelity and help ensure these projects are providing the impact to society the organizations aspire to achieve.

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